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Welcome to Burton Primary School.

A very warm welcome to Burton Primary School.

Burton Primary School is located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide on Kaurna land. Our school was first opened in 1990, and now educates approximately 450 students from Reception to Year 6. In 2024, Burton Primary School opened its first Special Options class. This class facilitates the learning for students with disabilities in Reception to Year 2.

Our school represents a diversity of cultures, languages and experiences, and we believe this to be a source of strength, inspiration and knowledge. We are proud of our school, its grounds, and its facilities, as well as the opportunities these bring to our students.

At Burton Primary school, we are committed to providing an education that meets the needs of all students from differing backgrounds and who’ve had differing experiences. Our aim is to ensure every student leaves our school as lifelong learners who can positively contribute to a rapidly changing world. Our teachers deliver the Australian Curriculum using research-based pedagogies, ensuring students are fulfilling their potential. These pedagogies follow the advice of the Department for Education, guaranteeing our school’s practices remain current and effective.  We ensure a continuity of learning from Reception to Year 6, allowing students to become familiar with common structures and routines. This gives them the ability to fully focus on the content being delivered.

At Burton Primary School, teaching and learning occurs in collaboration with our students giving them both voice and agency in their learning. This supports an education that is both engaging and inclusive.

Our school values of ‘Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork, Inclusion and Excellence’ underpin the social, physical, and emotional development of all our students. These support them to develop in a holistic manner, valuing both education and social responsibility.

Burton Primary School has a strong history of community involvement, so we encourage our families to actively participate in their child’s learning forming a collaborative bond between home and school. There are opportunities for families to volunteer throughout the school by participating in excursions and camps, volunteering in classrooms or joining our Governing Council.

Our website provides detailed information about our school through the site context statement, improvement plan and annual report. Relevant policies and procedures can also be located here, providing support and guidance for our school community.

We look forward to the opportunity to share our school with you. Please contact us through the front office or via email to attend a school tour or discuss any aspect of our school.

Kaylem Short

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