Burton Primary School OSHC is a service dedicated to providing local families with quality care which is accessible and supportive. We aim to provide a fun, nurturing, stimulating and educational environment in which children’s leisure time is supported through fun, flexible programs that meet their needs.

Director: Michelle Haywood
Assistant Director: Katie Basile
Educational Leader: Cath Summers

OSHC Mobile 0488 200 207

New Enrolments, please go to the link provided and select enrol https://burtonr7.hubworks.com.au/

Family Handbook

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OSHC Educators

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Enrolment at OSHC

All children need to be enrolled with OSHC before they are able to attend the OSHC program. Enrolment forms will need to be completed and returned so that children can be entered onto the Child Care Management System which reports all child attendances to the Family Assistance Office.

Upon enrolment a $20 payment will be paid by parents enrolling their children into OSHC which will put their account in credit and cover the costs of OSHC fees while a direct debit form is set up to allow OSHC fees to be debited directly from parent’s bank accounts on a weekly basis. Fees will only be debited when parents owe OSHC fees. All family accounts will need to remain in credit to continue to use the OSHC program.

Burton Primary School OSHC does not provide care for kindergarten children. Children starting Reception in term 1 of each year can access OSHC from the January holidays.


OSHC Enrolment link


Hours of Operation, Fees & Payment Options
Before School Care 6.30am – 8.30am $18.00
After School Care 3.05pm – 6.00pm $25.00
Early Finish 2.05pm – 6.00pm $27.00
Vacation Care 6.30am – 6.00pm $66.00
Pupil Free Day 6.30am – 6.00pm $66.00


Closed on Public Holidays

Closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas period


Registration Fee

One off first payment of $20 when you enrol your child


Late Fees

The OSHC Service closes at 6pm.  If you have not signed your child out by this time, you will be charged a late pick-up fee.  The fee is $1 per minute.


Fees are reviewed annually; families will be given a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice before an increase.


Child Care Subsidy (CCS): For further information please contact Centrelink on 13 61 50 or visit Mygov. Once enrolled at the service log into MyGov to confirm your child is attending Burton Primary School OSHC.


Payments are now available through QkR! app.

OSHC invoices are sent weekly and can be paid via Direct Deposit, QKR, Ezidebit and Cash. Cash payments can be taken by the OSHC educators, but electronic payments are preferred.


OSHC Educators are recommended to attend a minimum of 2 professional development/ in-service training events over a 12-month period. The first day of term 2 and term 4 have been approved by Governing Council for professional development. OSHC will be closed on both of these days. Families will be advised at the start of each year of the designated days so they can make alternative arrangements.

Bookings and Cancellations

Bookings for before and after school care can be made by emailing oshc.burton869@schools.sa.edu.au calling/sending an SMS to 0488 200 207.  All bookings for the following week are required to be notified by the previous Friday morning.


Casual bookings can be made on the day as long as we have spaces available, as we are legally required to keep within our mandated ratios.


Cancellations of bookings for care throughout the term must be made by emailing or sending an SMS.  All cancellations for permanent care are required by the previous week.


Vacation Care bookings will become available two weeks previous to the school holiday period starting.  Bookings for vacation care are made through the HubHello Australia app or website link https://burtonr7.hubworks.com.au/


Cancellations for vacation care are required by the Friday of the last day of term.  Any cancellations through the vacation care period will still be charged.



1:15 On school site

1:8 Excursions

1:5 Water Activities

Vacation Care

Vacation Care Program

October Vacation Care Program


Link to book Vacation Care



Cancellations of bookings must be made by the Friday of the last day of term before the vacation care period begins.


All outstanding fees from the term must be paid in full or a payment plan arranged with the Director, before booking for vacation care.


Session Booked Out / Wait Lists

If a day is fully booked your child can be placed on a wait list and we will notify you if a place becomes available.

Sun Smart

All children must bring a wide brimmed or legionnaires hat each day. We provide sunscreen. If your child has specific allergies to sunscreen, please inform educators and supply your own sunscreen. What to Wear: Children are to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to participate in excursions & activities (thongs, sleeveless shirts & tank tops are not permitted).

Food and Nutrition

Breakfast and an afternoon snack are provided every day.

Breakfast is available between 6.30am – 8.10am, we offer a range of cereals, toast, yoghurt and milk.

Afternoon snack comprises of a fruit and/or vegetable platter and a second savory option and on occasion a sweet treat.

The menu is displayed in the OSHC room in the weekly program and considers allergies and dietary requirements for all children.  Burton OSHC is a nut free environment; we ask that children do not bring foods that contain nuts to OSHC.


Please provide enough healthy snacks for your child when they attend a vacation care day or pupil free day.

Collection Authority

In order for your child to be collected by anyone other than a parent or guardian the individual must be listed on your child’s enrolment form.  They will be asked to provide photo identification before your child is released into their care.   If you have someone under the age of 18 collecting your child, we ask that you email the service, with their personal details and acknowledging that they have permission to collect your child.

Extra-Curricular Consent Form

Burton Primary School OSHC service recognises that extra-curricular activities can provide a valuable option for children to participate in activities that support their growth, development and interests.  The service will work with families to support the access of such activities.  Examples of such activities have included sport practices, sport clinics, working with a tutor and music lessons.


If your child will be participating in an extra-curricular activity whilst attending Out of School Hours Care please complete the Extra-Curricular Activities Consent Form and return it to Burton Primary School OSHC, as the legislative framework requires that written consent must be supplied to the OSHC prior to commencement.


Extra-curricular activities consent form

Advisory Committee

The Burton Primary School Council is responsible for the organisation and management of the Out of School Hours Care program, and this is done through the Out of School Hours Care Advisory Committee.  The Advisory Committee is composed of parent, School Council and School Staff representatives and the OSHC Director. 


The Advisory Committee meets twice a term and reports to the School Council.  Families are welcome to join or assist the Advisory Committee. 


OSHC Advisory Committee Roles and Responsibilities 


Health Support Planning

Health Support planning at OSHC is a requirement of families who have a child with a disability or medical condition and require detailed information from families and medical practitioners to ensure adequate care can be given.  Families are required to notify the service of any changes and provide updated plans on expiry, to ensure all information is up-to-date and collaborate with the service to develop a risk minimisation plan.


Please see the list of forms below.  All medical information will be kept confidential.  Once you have completed the relevant forms please email them to oshc.burton869@schools.sa.edu.au




Epipen Action Plan

Allergic Reactions Action Plan


Department for Education Non-Specific Health Care Plan

This form is to be completed for every child who has a disability or medical condition.  To be completed by both the family and OSHC Educator.



Seizure Management Plan

This form is to be completed by families if standard seizure first aid applies.  This form is not suitable where children are prescribed MIDAZOLAM.



Burton Primary School OSHC Medical Management Plan

This form is to be completed by families, in conjunction with an OSHC Educator.  This tool will be used to inform the OSHC Educators to ensure we understand the requirements of caring for your child and will be reviewed annually.


All relevant documentation and medication must be provided to the service before a child attends the service.

Quality Improvement Pla

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