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Burton Primary School

The purpose of the school uniform is to create a sense of community that engenders the feeling of belonging in all individuals. The uniform represents a commitment to our values which underpin the teaching and learning at Burton. Our aim is to have a learning environment that is supportive, positive, non-discriminatory, equitable and safe.

The wearing of the school uniform proudly identifies our students at all times, and can assist teachers with duty of care in the school yard and on excursions. It also avoids the issues of competition and purchasing expensive clothing, providing functional and cost-effective clothing for children.

Any changes to the school uniform will involve consultation with the wider school community. The final authority for any changes to the Burton Primary School Uniform Policy rests with the Governing Council.

Awareness of, and sensitivity to, students in financially disadvantaged situations have been taken into consideration in relation to the Burton Primary School Uniform Policy. Our uniform offers affordable clothing for all students. It is flexible, based around the school’s colours of burgundy, teal and black.

Belgravia Uniform Refund Policy


The colours of the uniform are burgundy/teal (Rec-Year 5) with black/teal introduced for Year 6 senior students. The uniform consists of:

  • Plain black, burgundy or navy bottoms (shorts, track pants, long pants, cargo style pants, skorts, skirts).
  • Burgundy/teal school polo t-shirts {or plain burgundy or black polo t-shirts, short or long-sleeved)
  • Burgundy school jumper or burgundy school boss top (or plain burgundy jumper)
  • Year 6 students have the option of purchasing a specially printed black and teal boss top {year and names) and/or a black and teal senior top {no year and names).
  • Burgundy check dress

The following items are not permitted:

  • Hoodies, tank tops, singlets, see-through garments, midriff tops, thongs, open-toed sandals, high heels.
  • Short shorts are not permitted. (Shorts, dresses, skirts must be mid-thigh length.)
  • There is to be no visible branding, except for the school logo, on any part of the uniform.
Children may have a single stud or sleeper earring in each ear only. No facial or visible body piercings are allowed.
Sensible, comfortable, closed footwear is to be worn at all times. For PE lessons, children should wear sports shoes.
Makeup & Hair
Make up and brightly coloured nail polish are not considered appropriate for primary age children at school.

Label all items of clothing on the inside for easy return of lost items.

SunSmart Policy
In accordance with the school’s SunSmart Policy, all students are required to wear hats that protect their face, neck and ears e.g. the standard uniform bucket hat, whenever they are outside. Baseball or peak caps are not acceptable. Students will be reminded prior to recess & lunch breaks to wear a hat.
Casual Days, Camps and Sports Days
For casual days, camps and Sports Days, SunSmart, jewellery and footwear dress code applies.


  • Parents/carers
    • Parents/carers/carers are expected to supply a suitable hat and clothing for their child’s use in school activities. Issues of financial hardship can be discussed with the Principal.
    • Parents/carers/carers are expected to notify the school, either in person or in writing, if their child is unable to wear the correct uniform.
  • School
    If a student is not wearing the correct uniform:
    • Parents/carers will receive a Seesaw reminder from the class teacher (first instance).
    • Parents/carers will receive a letter from the school to be signed and returned (second instance)
    • Meeting with parents/Principal (third instance)

If a student is out of uniform after these actions have been taken, consequences could include:

    • Student provided uniform to change into.
    • Application for exemption.
  • Exemption
    DfE Policy states that Principals may exempt students from the Dress Code Policy upon written request from the parents/carers, on the following grounds:
    • Religious, cultural or ethnic consideration.
    • New student (allow time to purchase)/ltinerant students.
    • When there is a genuine medical or family reason for not wearing uniform, the school should be informed in writing.
  • Relevant Procedures/ Working Documents/ Publications
    • Governing Council Review notes- meeting held August 2022
    • QKR ordering (current 2022 process)
    • 2023 Ordering process (online through Belgravia)
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